Clets Private Contractor Management Control Agreement

8 15152. The Ministry of Justice operates a national telecommunications system for law enforcement. (Added by Stats. 1965. 1595.) 15153. The system is managed by the Attorney General and is used exclusively for the official affairs of the State and the official affairs of a city, county, city and county or other public body. Intente legislative et la l├ęgislation 1 CLETS PPPs, rev 10/08 (Added by Stats. 1965, chap. 1595.) 15154. The Attorney General shall appoint an advisory committee of the California Law Enforcement Telecommunications System, hereinafter referred to as the committee, to advise and assist the Attorney General in the management of the system with respect to operating directives, service evaluation and system discipline. The committee serves the Attorney General as it pleases without compensation, with the exception of reimbursement of necessary travel expenses.

Probation ensures that government agencies and private agencies that have contracts with the department have verified and signed the corresponding management agreement form, which indicates the company`s agreement, to cooperate with Probation (as a CLETS underwriting agency) in the implementation of the agreement and to comply with the guidelines relating to the service in accordance with the provisions of the contract. The signing of this agreement certifies that suppliers and contractors have read and are familiar with the five documents indicated in the agreement. October 4, 29, 2008 The language has been changed to refer to the FBI`s CJIS Security Policy on Encryption and Firewall Requirements. The language has been changed to refer to the FBI`s CJIS security policy on encryption and firewall requirements. 45h June 2008 The language of has been moved and modified in this section to allow for the secondary release of data accessible through the CLETS when the requirements are met. The language has been changed to allow CLETS to access the Internet when the requirements are met. 14 June 2005 Language was added to create a Security Contact Point (SPOC) position within each CLETS subscriber agency. The language has been added to define the requirement for CLETS hosting agencies to encrypt CLETS data via public networks. Language has been added to define the requirement for a Management Control Agreement (MCA) for use with private contractors.

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