Renton Technical College Collective Bargaining Agreement

The summary of this agreement is published in accordance with RCW 43.88.583. Stephanie Delaney took off on August 5, according to an RTC statement. The position is led by the college`s faculties and teachers. In an RTC press release announcing Erreyna`s departure in March, McCarthy said the college had made academic progress under his leadership. A local and experienced community college administrator went to the vacant position of Vice President for Education at Renton Technical College. Workers should make an appropriate judgment about their ability to report for work. Workers who do not register for work must take reasonable leave or enter into other agreements with their supervisor, as described in the current collective agreement, such as remote work. B, which represent vacation time without pay. The press release states that Delaney is proud to join the college administration and pursue its goals of learning, justice and community.

Collective Agreement: 2018-21 RFT Contract, MOU COLA (17.07.2018) “I am very grateful for Angel`s excellent service to the university,” McCarthy said in the March press release. “The revision of academic programs, the promotion of guided paths and our more inclusive campus work have greatly benefited Angel`s leadership.” Bus drivers will show up to work later than normal to start their routes at a time appropriate for road conditions, according to the traffic director. Example: the staff is a 6-hour para who works 1:1 with a student and the school is 2 hours late. The employee reports working as close as possible to his regular service (also taking into account safety) and works his 6 hours. The same is true when the student is absent. RE: 2019-20 Late Start – Weather/Emergency-Related Schedules Memo . . Work schedules are available on the staff page on the district`s website.

If you have any questions, call 425.204.2370. Don`t log in to work, as it is now a non-student, non-10 day of work. The student days are “set up” during the weather-making days. Weather-related make-up days are contractual working days. With the weather and winter, the potential for late departures and school closures is also getting closer. There are things to remember. In the case of a building/program/district closure due to an emergency/weather situation, buildings are considered open to staff unless it is disclosed that staff are not required to report for work. With the weather and winter, the potential for late departures and school closures is also getting closer.

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