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7. You are much poorer than your partner. Just as a prenuptial agreement can be used to protect a wealthy spouse, a prenup can also be used to ensure the protection of the financially weaker partner. While no one thinks divorce is on the horizon during a commitment, many marriages end in divorce — up to 50 percent, according to some estimates. So it`s worth preparing for the worst. It should also be noted that there is already indeed a “prenup” when you get married – the state laws that prescribe the division of property in divorces. If you don`t believe these rules would ensure a fair division, you can also write your own rules that apply to your marriage. If you get divorced, you`ll be glad you did – and it will make the process much smoother. I see a lot more people having prenutps these days, especially women. Those who have assets, own a business, or have substantial assets must consider the merits of a marriage contract. Sorry, I can`t be of a good help here.. I would tell you this, follow what you firmly believe in. Pre-nup luck depends on two people involved in married life.

That doesn`t mean you don`t trust your partner, but sometimes when there`s too much money at stake, problems come and go. now one day if you prefer to sign a pre-nup agreement. You only save what you have. Interesting to see the comments of women who condemn a prenup and swear from top to bottom that it should be “everything about love”. They are not honest. They know very well that if they divorce, they will demand MONEY. Just so you know that a prenup must be just for both of you. Maybe he has an expiration date (about 10 years) or maybe he describes what will happen to future children. He would list the things that are his, and would certainly list the things that belong to you if something happened at the wedding. It can also be said that debts before marriage are not the responsibility of the other parties in case of marriage failure. Interestingly, so many women here who oppose it, LOL.

Hi guys, YOU should have a problem with YOU having a problem with a prenup. If prenups were promoted like the first two paragraphs, they would be very popular. A legal forum in which individuals can “set the rules.” Why accept the generic standard that your family does not accept as a generic standard? You are a relationship and marriage is not about what it has or what you have, so what is important when you sign one? For the best answers, search on this site smarturl.im/aDJpt Everyone gets married and believes they will be among the 50% who never get divorced. But half of the couples will not be in that half. You never know what the future holds. Given the number of ex-rich spouses who take them to cleaners during a divorce, it would be foolish for anyone with a significant fortune not to protect them. If my fiancé and I have both houses. Can a prenup be written to protect a house if other seizures.

Even if I have no debt and he has a debt of $40,000, what can a prenup do to protect me from that debt? Will it seriously change my lifestyle if we get married and can a prenup only blame him during marriage? A prenup is an agreement made by couples before marriage. The agreement serves to settle legal issues such as ownership and division of property/assets in the event of the couple`s divorce. Hello, this article was very helpful, thank you! I am a divorced single mother. Moved from Russia to the United States and married, seven years later, he left the unhealthy marriage with only my clothes and my child.

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